Self-Defense Training

Self-Defense and Personal Safety

Program(s) Overview:

No one knows when it is going to happen.  Statistics indicate that at some time everyone will be approached by a complete stranger with bad intentions.

At Kensho-Do Karate, our goal is to provide the necessary tools that will help to mitigate, if not stop potentially dangerous situations or to avoid them all together.

Several programs have been established to address these concerns:

  1. Safety Discussions
  2. Safety Seminars
  3. Personal Safety Programs.

Each program is designed to get the participants to think more about their own personal safety and personal safety plans.

The participants are also prompted to answer the following question:

What would you do if?

Program Offerings: 

  • Safety Discussions: A one hour program focused on safety concepts that help the participants to begin formulating their own “Personal Safety Plans”.
  • Safety Seminars: A two or three hour program that focuses on defensive techniques and concepts.
  • Personal Safety Program: A comprehensive program taught over six to eight classes. This program expands on techniques and concepts that are covered during either the Safety Discussions Seminar or the Safety Seminar.

Topics covered:

  • Initial Strikes
  • Secondary Strikes
  • Blocks/Covers
  • Attacks
  • Command Words
  • Personal Safety Plans

Safety Precautions:

  • Be Alert
  • Be Mobil
  • Be Calm
  • Keep Thinking
  • Think Positively
  • Look Fearless